GTA IV: The Salesman Ultimatum

~MUSIC CREDITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111~
^yes I had to make that big and shiny for the world to attempt and see

Another plotless, cheesy movie coming right at ya.

In this feature film, a salesman (who happens to be a biker) wants to sell his goods to the various citizens of Liberty City to feed his striving family. However, when a mafia boss refuses his offer of his goods, the boss ends up sleeping with the fishes, brought down by the salesman's hand. As the salesman goes about his business, including a random encounter with his clone(s), the mafia hires a hitman to take him out. During this ferocious chain of events, a fellow Liberty City police officer gets involved with the mess, adding insult to injury. Why can't the salesman be such a nice guy? Because he's a badass, you bitch.

-Music Credits-
(note that all tracks from Heavy Rain will not be listed; I have a soundtrack containing no titles for the songs, so there is no point in putting them here)
(2:00) "Our House" - Madness
(2:21) "I'm a Scatman" - Scatman John
(2:22)(credits music) "The Priest and the Matador" - Senses Fail
(2:25) "Sunday Morning" - Maroon 5
(3:09) "Perfidia" - Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra
(4:06)(7:07) "Windowless Building" - Splinter Cell: Conviction OST
(4:36) "Horny Old Man" - Daniel Pemberton
(4:59) "Burly Brawl" - The Matrix Reloaded OST
(6:20)(9:38) "Mona Lisa Overdrive" - The Matrix Reloaded OST
(7:30) "3-D" - I See Stars
(7:33) "Hey Jude" - The Beatles
(7:37) "_µ?¤" - Parking Out
(7:54) "Mall music" - Dead Rising OST
(8:16) "Lonely Heart's Club" - Unknown Artist, but it was from Spongebob
(8:30) "Homer's Theme" - The Simpsons: Hit & Run OST
(9:32) "Haven't Met You Yet (Instrumental)" - Michael Buble
(10:14) "Gematria (The Killing Name)" - Slipknot
(11:11) "Action Suite" - Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb OST
(11:28) "Death Music" - Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb OST
(12:01) "Grace & Glory" - Hideki Naganuma
(13:29) "When You're Smiling" - Louis Prima
(13:50) "Main Theme" - Mafia OST
(14:04) "Negative Space" - Senses Fail

-The introduction's voicework was ripped straight from Mafia. Gotta love that game, brah.
-The game Brucie was playing was Jet Grind Radio for the Sega Dreamcast.
-The song by "Parking Out" is pretty hard to find (it was for me), as it is a very underrated Japanese punk band.
-The scene that took the longest to perfect was when the hitman was following the salesman through the crowd. The reason being is because in multiplayer you cannot walk in the PC version with a keyboard, so it had to be made in singleplayer while I spawned a walking salesman and followed him as the hitman, making the scene as much to my interest as possible.
-DID YOU KNOW = That the salesman is seen at the very end of The Coffee Mugger?
-I could really care less about a plot and common sense in these kinds of films, I just find it fun making action movies.
-The video was going to be rendered in HDR lighting, but due to technical difficulties it had to be rendered as it is, with an added soft blur around the edges of the film.
-If you know what game I was inspired by to make the tiny "8 years later" part, then you are considered "cool".
-Notice how in some parts of the movie, objects tend to "flicker". Isn't that neat?
-And no, I couldn't fit in a bonus scene this time. Too bad.

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